Two Planes, Three Towers, and 20 years later; is 9/11 Their Seminal Work?

John Galt / 2 years ago

No many people realize there were three World Trade Centers towers collapsed on 9/11, not two.

However, there were only two planes that hit any buildings that day in NYC.

Ponder that.

Here' s a recap of what the media presented to the public:

Since then, there has been various 9/11 Truth movements spun up around the world as the "official" narrative does not add up.

One of the most notable group is Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (ae911truth for short) group.

Recently Spike Lee tried to make a documentary on a 9/11 anniversary and interviewed Richard Gage from ae911truth group but cut off it's entire 30 mins interview due to "objections from the public"

It appears that he was discussing all sorts of deceptions of the world, including the COVID hoax, and that did not sit well with the rest of the ae911truth group which thinks the governments can only create one false flag per lifetime.

In the following video, Vinny Eastwood interviewed Richard Gage, who now have quit ae911truth due to the controversy and now formed his own "911" group called