New Zealand Freedom Truck Convoy Starts Today!

John Galt / 2 years ago

After learning much from the freedom lovers of the Canada Truck Convoy (while Canada's wimp Prime Minister Trudeau run for the hills), and the Australia Truck Convoy, New Zealand is following suit and starting our own convoy!

From Convoy 2022 NZ Facebook page:

No photo description available.

They will be marching to Parliament in Wellington and stay there until the government drop all mandates and vaccine passports.

In Truckers We Trust!

And.. go f##k yourselves Klaus Shwabs of the World Economic Forum and his wet-dream of The Great Reset.

We the people are coming to you with THE GREATER RESET you imbecile.

Live Stream from Counterspin media:

From around the social-media:


Update: New Zealand end vaccine passes on Apr 4th!