New Zealand to move to red after "mystery" Omicron cases

John Galt / 2 years ago

It was reported that:

The Government will shift the entire country into the red traffic light setting at 11.59pm on Sunday night, the Prime Minister has announced.

The uptick in settings comes after the Government discovered nine linked cases of Omicron in the community without a link to the border, indicating community transmission in Auckland and possibly Motueka.

Ardern said New Zealand should expect to be in red for “some weeks” as the outbreak was still quite new.

“We don't yet have a clear lead on the index case that links this family to the border as we have with our other Omicron cases,” Ardern said.

As other countries such as UK, Denmark alike are opening up or completely removing the nonsense, unscientific covid restrictions, New Zealand Ardern doubles-down on the restrictions with the "mystery" cases of Omicron.

Yeah right.