Jacinda introduces the "Traffic Light" system along with two classes of people in New Zealand

John Galt / 2 years ago

Jacinda introduces to New Zealand the new "COVID-19 Protection Framework" which consists of "Traffic Lights" instead of "Levels":

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The new "system" effectively requires businesses to mandate their customers to be fully vaccinated, once the country has 90% fully vaccinated.

If businesses choose to allow unvaccinated customers, they will only be allowed up to 100 customers indoor (and seated), and they must close their businesses when the government change the "traffic light" to yellow or red in their areas.

Jacinda calls this "freedom of choice"

How many businesses are courageous enough to allow unvaccinated customers and limit their income to 100 customers at any given time and risk being shutdown on the whim of the government changing the "lights" on a regular basis?

Of course, not to mention New Zealand is (and will be) in perpetual lockdown state until the 90% vaccinated status has reached and only then the "traffic light" system will be activated.

Jacinda used an age-old technique of pitting one citizen against another to achieve her agenda of mandatory vaccinations disguised as "freedom of choice"

Time for her to step down as a PM?

Sign the petition: https://chng.it/5mTzRLzpHq

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