Nicki Minaj threatened by The Guardian and CNN reporters alike for questioning the Covid-19 vaccine

John Galt / 2 years ago

It was reported that Nicki Minja spoke out about her concern with the Covid-19 vaccine after her cousin got serious side effects after the second taking the vaccine.

Twitter locked her account obviously as you cannot have "free thinking terrorists" waking other people up about the COVID delusion.

Even the White House tried to butt-in and try to "re-educate" her on what is acceptable thinking regarding vaccines.

The Guardian and CNN journalists were in Trinidad trying to get an interview with her and to "dox" her cousin and family details to the public:

The Guardian Media journalist from Trinidad – Sharlene Rampersad – reached out to Minaj’s cousin, who she refers to as ‘Mr. Daniel,’ in a private chat on WhatsApp. She explained that CNN was also in the country “looking” for him and they would “not hesitate” to dox him and his girlfriend if they found them.

The reporter then shamelessly tries to claim that the man’s identity, and where his loved ones lived, would be safe if he completed an interview with Guardian Media.

Minaj’s cousin never responded to the intimidation.

From the messages posted by Minaj to her Instagram:

“My name is Sharlene Rampersad, I am a reporter with Guardian Media.

I was hoping to speak to you for an article. Would that be possible? – I am also hoping I have a conversation with your friend.

I know you are hesitant to speak with us.

But just letting you know, CNN is in the country looking for you – And when they find you, they won’t hesitate to reveal where you live or where your gf[girlfriend] live…anything and anyone who is tied to you.

If you speak to me, we won’t reveal those details.

So, what do you say?

The screenshots are below:

Her breasts and buttocks maybe synthetic but she sure does have a real brain.

The censorship of free-thinking individuals who question any part of the approved narrative is nothing new, and now thanks to Minaj’s platform with millions of followers – over 150 million on Instagram alone – more people are waking up to what’s going on.

Let's hope the predator-class media like The Guardian and CNN got exposed for what it is to the wider world and wake the sleeping lions up.