"Auckland not ready to move to level 3", says "expert"

Shameless vaccine advertisement

John Galt / 2 years ago

Ahead of the lockdown level decision next week, "experts" have again butt-in their opinions once again.

MSN reported that an expert called "Professor" Rod Jackson said:

"This is the biggest worry: people wandering around out there without knowing they've got COVID," Professor Rod Jackson, an epidemiologist from the University of Auckland, says.

Prof Jackson says recent Auckland border breaches aren't helping either - including three essential workers who are now awaiting court for using their travel documents to go and hit the slopes on Mt Ruapehu.

Another man was caught after boasting online about crossing the border to get McDonald's.

Okay.. I think he failed to mention about Siouxsie Wiles and her girlfriend swimming at the beach while in Level 4..

For those clearly over alert level 4, Rod Jackson has this advice.

"If you hate lockdowns, get a shot! If you really hate lockdowns, get two!"

Can the f**ker be more obvious in his shameless vaccine advertisement?

eight people in recent weeks have presented to Middlemore without knowing they have the virus.

That's most likely because they don't have it! Why would anyone want to "test" for the virus when they are not feeling anything wrong with themselves?

Ahh yes, the asymptomatic carriers right? One might want to revisit the article on asymptomatic lie.

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