All of New Zealand entered into Level 4 Lockdown due to a single-case of Delta-variant infection that "didn't cross the border"

John Galt / 2 years ago

NZ Herald reported that:

The news comes after revelations this morning that Covid was spread between returnees at Auckland's Jet Park quarantine facility when room doors were opened simultaneously for seconds during food deliveries and a health check.

An investigation has revealed the highly contagious Delta variant was spread in seconds across a corridor and changes were now underway at the 31 MIQ facilities across the country to prevent synchronous door opening.

So let me get this straight; this "variant" is so "contagious" it spreads between opening of two doors at the same time.

So...who did the virus spread from? There is only a "single" case of the virus. It needs at least two persons to transmit "to" and "from".

Also, if it spread this quickly, why isn't the hotel staffs got infected too? In fact, the whole hotel should be infected. In fact, the whole area should be infected. And in fact by now, the whole country should have the "Delta variant".

And if this is true, and nobody is having symptoms from this "Delta variant" nor anyone dying from it, we have to conclude this virus is totally harmless and the lockdowns are moot.

Furthermore, how did they test that the virus was spread "when room doors were opened simultaneously for seconds during food deliveries and a health check"? The virus must have used the government's COVID tracer check-in app?

Let's look at the "bullet-points" from the NZ Herald:

  • New Zealand is going into level 4 lockdown for 3 days from 11.59pm tonight. Auckland and Coromandel will be in level 4 for 7 days
  • A 58-year-old Devonport man tested positive today after visiting a GP yesterday. He was infectious from August 12
  • The man, who isn't vaccinated, and his wife travelled to Coromandel over the weekend. His wife is fully vaccinated
  • There is no obvious link to the border at this stage
  • While results of genome testing won't be back until tomorrow it is being treated as a Delta case

In other words, they haven't even tested the man to see if the virus is actually a "Delta" variant but they announce it as such anyway.

It is sort of like someone wearing a baby-diaper in case there is a chance they might sh**t themselves.

Bloomfield also stated:

"The wife is fully vaccinated. She's in a different age group, and she has tested negative, but one of the things we're going to do is retest her and also do serology, because we are not assuming she might not have been infected, perhaps asymptomatically because she's vaccinated, and infected her partner."

Did Bloomfield just admit on live television that vaccinated person can infect a healthy person?

Full announcement from Arden and the criminals below:

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