Australian Police: 5 years jail for people who refuses to wear masks

John Galt / 2 years ago

It is reported that:

NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Metropolitan Field Operations Malcolm Lanyon said people needed to follow the mask requirements unless they had an exemption.

Residents are considered exempt from the mask mandate if they have a “physical or mental condition” which renders mask wearing unsuitable, but police will begin to crackdown on exemptions.

Medical certificates or a statutory declaration are required to prove somebody’s exemption from the Public Health Order, which NSW Police said people needed to carry with them.

“If police ask to see the exemption people are required to present that documentation, and we will investigate all exemptions,” Mr Lanyon said.

“Make no mistake, police are investigators by trade.

“If we have any reasonable doubt that a document may be false, we can and will investigate these matters thoroughly to bring people before the courts.”

Anyone found guilty of making a false declaration under The Oaths Act, 1900 risks a five-year prison term, according to the NSW Police statement.

It's funny considering in the US they have released over 16,000 inmates to stop inmates catching "the novel coronavirus"

Yes folks, criminal inmates have more rights than citizens who have probably never committed a crime in their lives.

It would be good to see police trying to arrest people who are not wearing masks from 6 feet away due to social-distancing rules... oh wait.

Still think it is about "public-health"?


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