A student in Congo got killed by Police for not wearing a mask

John Galt / 2 years ago

A student in Congo was shot by Police allegedly for not wearing a mask.

It was reported that:

Our friend Honore Shama, a student in the faculty of arts at the University of Kinshasa, was filming a video as part of his acting practical work requirement," Patient Odia, a friend who was present at the confrontation said.

"A policeman told him to wear a mask during the filming."

"Despite his (Shama's) explanations and after having showed him a mask, the policeman, who was expecting to be offered money, became infuriated, accused him of resisting and shot him at point-blank range."

A video from AFP can be seen here as well:

Just another day in a globalist's Soro's strong-city network police protecting the citizens from the big bad COVID-19 at all costs; including murdering them.

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