Game Stop: The Revolution of the Peasants

John Galt / 3 years ago

Unless you've been under a rock last few days, you would have heard that wall street big-shots have lost billions of dollars from shorting the stocks of a company called GameStop due to a group of coordinated reddit users longing of the GameStop stock at the same time.

Have a look at what the YouTuber ReallyGraceful channel has covered regarding the GameStop short-squeeze:

The commission-free online trading platform Robinhood (who claimed to be for the "little guy") has halted buying of Game Stop stock to everyone and only allowed selling option.

Robinhood has shown it's true colors.

This illegal move by Robinhood has prompted users to file a class-action lawsuit against Robinhood. Robinhood CEO might have basically killed his company; there is no way anyone would trust the platform to do any trading again.

Robinhood co-founder and co-Chief Executive Baiju Bhatt

Google is also reportedly removing hundreds of thousands of 1 star reviews on the Robinhood app by the users.

These big shots really do look out each other when they are bitten.

Bigger than GameStop

This is actually bigger than GameStop; the same short-squeezing can be copied and redone over and over again for different markets (case in point Silver; the biggest shorted commodity on the planet right now):

Max Kaiser (the bitcoin enthusiast) have said 10 years ago that if every man, woman and child on the planet go out and buy one coin of physical silver, it will bankrupt the whole fiat money system:

Mike Maloney from has also covered on the issue:

This can be a start of somewhat of a revolution by us peasants to take on the big sharks of wall street. However, as Mike Maloney cautioned above, the powers that shouldn't be might use this "crisis" to impose more regulations to disadvantage retail investors.

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