Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle and and other tech giants team up Covid-19 vaccine 'passports', CNN reports

John Galt / 3 years ago

Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle and and other tech giants team up Covid-19 vaccine 'passports', CNN reports:

Some of the country's biggest tech firms and health care organizations have joined together to help facilitate that return to "normal." The group, called the Vaccine Credential Initiative, wants to ensure that everyone has access to a secure, digital record of their Covid-19 vaccination — like a digital vaccine passport — that can be stored in people's smartphones. The records could be used for everything from airline travel to entering concert venues.

The coalition comprises a broad range of health care and tech leaders including Microsoft (MSFT), Salesforce (CRM), Oracle (ORCL), Cerner (CERN), Cigna's (CI) Evernorth, health care software firm Epic and the Mayo Clinic, among others.

Many governments around the world have vowed not to make the vaccinations mandatory. Then the question is why do you need the vaccination records to be available on people smartphones all the times, and at everywhere they go?

Because as most of the people who are following the COVID vaccine development knows that most governments plan to require people to take the vaccine to get back to work, school or even go groceries shopping.

You will need the "proof" of vaccination pretty much everywhere.

"A secure, convenient solution to verify Covid-19 vaccination will play an important role in accelerating a healthy and safe return to work, school and life in general," said Joan Harvey, president of care solutions at Evernorth, Cigna's health services business.


coronavirus vaccination records will need to be more easily transported if people have to use them to access schools, offices and event venues, making a digital record more practical.


"Now you are going to need either your lab results or vaccination data to get on an airplane, to go to school, go to work — real life, non-health-care use cases," Meyer said. "And it needs to be in a standard form so when you're presenting it, people actually understand, 'Oh, it was the Pfizer vaccine that you got.'"

This is mandatory by proxy, and a deception by the powers that shouldn't be.

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