NewsHub "debunks" the rumour that New Zealand is entering into a lockdown on January 15

John Galt / 3 years ago


Anti-lockdown protests are still planned and will be going ahead on Thursday, 14th January at 1pm on the steps of the Parliament in Wellington, New Zealand.

NewsHub debunks the claim that is going around on the social media saying:

A rumour New Zealand will enter lockdown on January 15 has been slammed as false by the All-of-Government COVID-19 Response Group after the untrue claims circulated on social media


"NZ expected to be back in full lockdown January 15," they added.

This is a victory for people who are campaigning against the atrocious lockdowns which are destroying small-businesses, mom and pop shops, making people unemployed and destroying the 99% of the lives to save 1% of the people who might or might not get COVID.

People still need to be skeptical and keep vigilant in the next few weeks and watch closely for changes in their tune.

Any hints of a looming lockdown must be dealt with extreme-prejudice.

Lockdowns kill people.


Billy TK and Vinny Eastwood have also covered the news: